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Khmer Lasagna

  • Ingredients
-Pork (200g)
-Lemon grass 2 longs,cut thin slice
-Galanga small piece,cut thin slice(4slices)
-Kaffir lime leaf 3
-Hot basil 4 leafs
-1 eggplant
-tomato sauce 1ladle
-chicken powder 1 tea spoon
-oyster sauce 1spoon
- 1/4 of sugar
  • How to cook:
Put 1spoon of vegetable oil put in of lemon grass,galanga,kaffir lime leafs, hot basil,fried a litter bit dry then put pork,stir it around 2minuts and then add chicken powder,oyster sauce,sugar,and tomato sauce,put it in the big bowl. eggplant peel the skin off,slice it in long and thin,put 1spoon of vegetable oil then put eggplant in to the oil,turn it a round 2 minutes,put it off.prepare the sauce and the eggplant the same way of lasagna then top up with the cheese put it in the oven(5minutes)